We ARE UnKommon

UnKommon Revolution is the bold application of data, human intelligence and unkommon creativity that drives ROI.

We use various methods of machine learning including Inverse Deduction, K-Means Clustering, Apriori Algorithm, Linear Regression and Decision Tree Learning to make intelligent and strategic business decisions. Whether your company seeks operational efficiency, inventory control, merchandise planning or marketing, we will provide you with the insights to make intelligent decisions that will drive ROI.

Everything we do is UnKommon. We compile data and use our brains, made up of mathematicians and data scientists, and apply a human element over data sets to help companies understand how to drive business.

The genius of our mathematicians is matched by the uniquely creative team that curates unparalleled marketing and advertising campaigns. The UnKommon part – we care about ROI.

Every campaign, every data project we invest in has an umbrella focus of Driving.Your.Business. We are committed to your goals – from driving revenue, increasing brand exposure or completely REVOLUTIONIZING your business. Our proof is in the ROI.


Founded on the principle that in order to succeed in the world’s rapidly evolving data ecosystem, companies – no matter what their industry or size – must use data science, machine learning and AI to continuously innovate. We use unique data science methodologies to drive unkommon business strategies to drive business. 


To revolutionize businesses by guiding businesses into the world of AI. This is done by quickly operationalizing data projects, communicating data insights with key stakeholders, maximizing efficiencies and scaling rapidly with  reusability and automation.  The goal is to drive intelligent strategies mixed with UnKommon methods to drive ROI.