Machine Learning

Using computer science, our team of mathematicians and quants develop software to allow computers to observe, learn, and gain experience on their own so that they can make choices that we, humans, would consider intelligent. Applications include inventory control, merchandising, customer analysis, risk assessment and more. 

UnKommon Creative

If you want to revolutionize your company, you need to be UnKommon. Articulate your message, expose your brand essence and engage with your followers. We use machine learning tied to unkommon creative’s data, algorithms and formulas, to drive ROI.


Success can be measured. Our process will provide you with a forecasted ROI for your project and our people will ensure you reach it. Our drive comes from watching you succeed, and (not to brag) given that we are a team of brainiacs and are addicted to data, algorithms and formulas, we are pretty good at hitting our target.