How we work

We come to work every day to simplify complex business problems with enterprise software solutions. Our agile development strategies and multidisciplinary industry exposure gives us a competitive edge to provide quality services that streamline your ventures and expedite your growth. Riddle us with your dilemmas. We’re in this together.

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Think of this phase as all talk, before the action. Over several discussions, we will go over your business goals and software needs to create stories that align your vision with ours. We’re proactively adaptable to meet your changing requirements over time. The PoC-Test-Iterate-Build approach allows us this flexibility with quicker turnaround time.



We now document the project’s milestones, scope, proposed solution, delivery timelines, and initial system designs for better visibility and efficient execution. This process helps us prioritize the key focus areas and avoid redundancies in the workflow. Once this document gets your approval, we quickly move on to full-scale development.



With rolled-up sleeves, we now go into full-on programming mode to build your solution. The agile process is split into multiple iterations and at every stage, we involve you to reanalyse the requirements and go over each milestone reached to gain comprehensive feedback and update the solution as we go.


Acceptance Testing

Once the desired scope is met and all the features are tested for performance, we run the solution in the staging environment for further testing. This is to ascertain that the code is thoroughly tested and accepted before going into production. Several compatibility issues and bug fixes are handled at this stage.



This is the deployment stage you’re most excited about. Now, we work together to install the solution on the hosting platform. We conduct the process of installation, configuration, and performance check with sharp technical excellence so that your users’ needs are met along with your business objectives.



Delivery is not where our relationship ends. We’re in it for the long haul. Post roll out, we closely monitor the solution’s performance, get feedback, provide support and upgrades to maintain its consistency and quality. Iterative testing and improvements ensure that it is up-to-date and meets all your changing needs and expectations.

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