And this is our story

Our story begins with inspiration. We have always been on the cutting edge of technology – adopting techniques and platforms years before they become mainstream. Founder and CEO, Kathryn Kerrigan, started one of the first fashion dot com businesses in the late 1990s. With 20+ years in the technology space from large-scale enterprise technology implementations to mapping out a digital strategy for NFT and AI start-ups, she put down roots in UnKommon Revolution. Starting with a single project for a US-based client, we have been driving digital transformation solutions with trailblazing products that set a new standard for conducting smart business.

Our Vision

To redefine businesses through digital transformation and be a globally respected enterprise pushing the boundaries of conventional business solutions.

Our Mission

To carve an ascendable niche and assist enterprises in achieving their business objectives through an innovation led approach by providing the best-in-class consulting, AI solutions & services all based on a data-first approach.

Our Culture

Our company culture is vibrant and innovative with a person-first approach. With a very entrepreneurial vibe, our spirit is kindness, encouragement and personal growth that achieves the common goal of client success.

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