Strategy and Planning

Strategy and Planning

UnKommon Revolution has worked on many technological transformation projects. Our deep knowledge and experience working across multiple AI platforms and implementing innovative technologies, will help drive your business to be more innovative and successful. Our team performs a deep dive into your business departments to assess corporate operations, identify gaps and opportunities, and provide suggestions across technology and processes. 

Our Strategy And Planning Services Offerings

Project Discovery

Our awesome team of business analysts and consultants work side-by-side with your team members and primary business stakeholders to understand your business goals and requirements. Once key stakeholders are in agreement with problems identified and solutions to remedy and drive the technology culture, in the form of requirements, we get started.

Business Requirements 

UnKommon Revolution will assist your company in all aspects of the evolving buying journey – essentially the impression your customers have of your brand through all aspects of the buyer’s journey. That means it is a continual process that can be improved in any channel where you interact with prospects and buyers. 

Technology Architecture Analysis

Utilizing the detailed business requirements developed with your team, our architects will analyze your technology architecture and foundation. On the basis of the technology selection, we will propose the best approach to add into your technology landscape. Our goal is to build for the short-term and plan for the long-term.

Identifying Priorities

In most organizations time and resources are in short supply yet high demand, making project selection difficult. Evaluating and prioritizing projects can be complex, but this vital first step can negatively impact the business if not assessed carefully. Our team of analysts will work directly with you to ensure project outcomes do not negatively impact other areas of the business.

Roadmaps for Your Success

We will create a high-level visual summary of your business’s technology environment. We use a technology roadmap to strategically plan complex adjustments to your IT environment. Using a technology roadmap can help a company plan out the best way to introduce a technological change in the business. 

Goals Aligned with Your IT Budget Today & Tomorrow

We will help you develop an IT strategy that is aligned with your business goals and makes the most of your IT budget while addressing current and future technology needs. Our mission is to help you follow your defined roadmap to success from a technology, operations and budgetary view.

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