Are Fish Stressed?

  • September 12, 2022

Article below is directly copied from Business Norway– Green and sustainable solutions from Norway

AI in fisheries and aquaculture

In fisheries, AI can be a useful tool for fishermen for avoiding bycatch and overfishing, as well as for monitoring fish stocks, identifying over-harvesting and setting quotas.

The Norwegian company Scantrol Deep Vision has developed a revolutionary, AI-based tool to help trawlers to catch the right fish. Using a subsea camera, the Deep Vision system identifies and measures fish under water – without bringing the catch onboard the vessel. This makes it easier to stop the trawl when the catch quota has been filled and to reduce bycatch.

Other Norwegian companies are developing AI-based solutions for improving production efficiency and fish welfare in aquaculture – which is important for feeding a growing population in a sustainable manner. AI has been shown to be a particularly useful tool for preventing and controlling sea lice outbreaks in farmed salmon.

CreateView tackles the problem by combining sensors, cameras and AI to collect and analyse enormous amounts of data from net pens. This allows fish farmers to deal with sea lice outbreaks at an early stage, as well as to use the data to optimise vaccination and feeding – reducing both production costs and the ecological footprint, as well as improving fish welfare by reducing stress.

Similarly, Fishency Innovation’s SmartFunnel combines 360-degree imaging with AI to collect and analyse high-quality data. The software processes, stores and transfers the images. It identifies the sea lice, analyses the data and automatically generates a report that is sent daily to the fish farmer, enabling them to continuously monitor a much larger sample of salmon and quickly identify individuals with traces of sea lice on their body.


Image Source: Fishency Innovation

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