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Autonomous Intelligence Machines

Ability to Drive Supply Chain in the Automotive Industry using BaaS Platforms

The zero-coding, UI-driven BaaS platform concept is designed to reduce operational overheads, drive supply chain transparency, and accelerate blockchain-enabled innovations, which can lead to increased revenue growth. Let’s begin – what is BaaS? BaaS stands for backend-as-a-service, which is a types of SaaS model that allows developers to focus on the frontend of their applications…

Autonomous Intelligence Machines

Autonomous Race Cars – Will ML kill a human’s competitive nature?

Athletics, academics and even the ultimate Spelling Bee exudes passion because there are humans involved. You see the highs, lows and different levels of excitement throughout the match or game. You see the sweat, blood and tears come from a competitors face. I came across an article about AWS DeepRacer, which is an autonomous 1/18th…