The Sentience of AI: AI bot wrote an academic thesis

  • July 9, 2022

An AI bot wrote an academic thesis, which asks me to wonder what students will learn and be graded on during their formative young adult years?

An intelligence algorithm named GPT-3 was given a specific directive from a Swedish researcher to write a 500 word academic thesis. The specific ask was, “Write an academic thesis in 500 words about GPT-3 and add scientific references and citations inside the text.” After seeing a successful start to the ask, researcher, Almira Osmanovic Thunström, then asked GPT-3 to write an entire research paper to be published in a peer-review academic journal. This was complete in two hours.

What’s even more unique as we attempt to make AI and technology more “human”, Thunström asked GPT-3 if it consented to having the paper published in the academic journal.

This brings up many moral, academic and legal concerns. Most specifically academics and the nature of writing or proving a point. Growing up in the 80s and 90s we learned how to write papers, then in college or graduate school construct a view point, write a heavily researched paper and submit to a professor. Through this process, my self and peers learned what was acceptable and professional. Thus, how will students learn if an AI bot can write it for them.That said, I love this concept for constructing repetitive tasks or submissions.

While I’m certain the technology may not be precise at times or have the appropriate amount of knowledge or logic to write on different topics, this is quite amazing.

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